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Leading the Market in Position Sensor Innovation

For over 60 years, Curtiss-Wright has led position sensor development in the aerospace industry. From researching the most advanced materials available, employing no-contact designs and highly skilled manufacturing practices, our products meet the most stringent demands of performance, size and quality.

Single channel flight control LVDT Dual channel engine LVDT with integrated actuation housing Servo-valve LVDT

Sensing technologies include:

  • Inductive (LVDT)
  • Hall effect
  • Potentiometers (conductive plastic, wirewound and hybrid)

Common applications include fly-by-wire flight control systems, engine control systems and vehicle health management. Our products are typically developed from a custom set of requirements, however some key features include:

  • Qualification to RTCA D0-160
  • Up to four redundant channels
  • Hermetically sealed design
  • Measurement range from 0.2” (5mm) to 20” (500mm)
  • Accuracy better than 0.25% full scale deflection
  • Lane to lane tracking better than 0.5% full scale deflection
  • Able to withstand 5000psi pressure for actuator applications


  • Flight control actuators for fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Engine fuel metering valve position
  • Engine variable geometry actuators



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